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Breeding season normally starts early June and chicks will be hatching from end of July till the end of November. This is an experience not to be missed.

Be early and book Now.


(movie about Emu Park 2 . 3 meg)

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GROUP TOURS and Coach Information

The Emu farm was founded in September 1996 and it usually carries a around 250 emus, emu chick are bred every year and can be found from August to December.
The farm consists of 70 acres and is devided into several pens were the emus are reared "free range" style and are kept in a natural environment.
Incubation is done artificially and we have a walk in incugbator with a 1000 emu egg capacity.
Access to the park is easy and there is plenty of coach parking available.

The farm has set in place the following price structure.

1: Entry to Marayong Park Emu Farm is no longer available
Emu Oil and products are still available from the Emu Shop, please call 02-44478505 for shop opening times

2: FARM tour
The Emu farm Tour consists of the following:
· Emu Feeding the taking of photographs, video etc. or just looking around.
· Full commentary on Emu behavior, both in a farmed situation and in the wild.
· A visit to the breeding pen, chick pens, juvenile pen and incubation shed.
Duration 1 to 2 hours (pending on time available)
Cost $20.00 per person (for group tour only min. 20 guests)
We can , by prior arrangement, provide morning/afternoon tea . We have under cover seating for (approx.) up to 50-65.

3: Morning/Afternoon tea tour

Coffee , Tea , a variety of cakes, muffins, biscuits etc. and Emu pie/meat tasting.
Plus a fully Guided Tour of the farm.

Cost $ 35.00 per person  (for group tour only min. 20 guests)  Duration: 1hr. 45min. to 2 hrs.

Lunch tour
Not Available

As always Coach captains and Tour Directors receive any of the above, FREE of charge
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